Thursday, October 20, 2005

Supermarket Trolleys

When you come out of the Tesco supermarket in the West End of Edinburgh to unload your shopping-trolley, there is a sign a couple of hundred yards down the road which says, “No trolleys beyond this point! All trolleys have a wheel-locking mechanism.”

Has anyone ever tried to go past one of those signs with a Tesco trolley? How do the wheels know you’ve gone past the sign?


Heather O'Neill said...

Who knows. I was about to try and write some silly,whimsical answer about tiny cameras and little robots in the wheels. Maybe, though, Tesco really would do something like that.

Here's two articles:

Not so bad. It'd be great for my little ones.Wish they had them here.

The other article is on the left side-bar(Parking Problem):

Heather O'Neill said...

I'll have to remember that blogger's format cuts off long links. Sorry again for cluttering your comment box.

The first article was Tesco to Deploy Kiddie-Calming Shopping Trolley

The "Tantrum Tamer"

Rob Mackenzie said...

Thanks for the links, Heather.