Thursday, August 14, 2008

West Port Book Festival

Those of you who read here regularly might be forgiven for wondering whether I really do live in Edinburgh and if I’ve noticed a major cultural festival happening in this city at the moment. Well, yes, on both counts. But for the past two weeks, work has been ridiculously busy – morning, afternoon and evening. I’ve been rising early to revise certain poems and then it’s been work… I’ve seen nothing at the festival so far.

However, “festival” isn’t strictly an accurate description, as the Edinburgh festival covers several festivals at once. There’s the main festival, but also the book and film festivals, and a huge fringe.

Several other festivals also take place, and a new one has emerged this year – the West Port Book Festival, which starts today and goes on through Sunday. All events are free and several top names are taking part. I’m doing a ten-minute poetry slot from 1.10pm on the Saturday, as part of the four-hour-festival at the Edinburgh College of Art. Andrew Philip is also involved – at around 3pm, I think.

Some of the other events look great, but I’m working today, tomorrow, Saturday morning, Sunday morning and afternoon, and can’t get out on Saturday evening due to childcare. That leaves only Sunday evening.

Anyway, next week looks like it will be more relaxed.

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