Wednesday, October 08, 2008

A Few Bits and Pieces

First of all, the HappenStance Press reading at the St Mungo’s Mirrorball went really well, as you can read on Andy Philip’s blog. I enjoyed Patricia Ace’s set. I bought her first self-published pamphlet a few years ago. It was OK, but her HappenStance pamphlet was stronger and her new stuff is better still. I was on before Helena Nelson’s closing poem about Duncan Glen and time was pressing, so I cut my set. I read three poems although I had intended to read only four in any case. The setlist:

The Innocents
Everyone Will Go Crazy

I bought new pamphlets by Paula Jennings and Anne Caldwell. Both look very good. My pamphlet is more or less sold out (there may be three or four back at the HappenStance ranch and I have about fifteen at home). The CCA pub afterwards was good fun and I managed not to fall asleep on the late bus back to Edinburgh.


Just realised that Surroundings had its 100,000th unique visitor a day or two ago. Whoever you were, congratulations. The jackpot will be winging its way to you.


I had meant to resume my comments on the daily poems at Poetry Daily and No Tell Motel this week, but circumstances conspired against me. I think I’ll have to leave it until after the October holiday week here and will try to do another fortnightly stint from 27th October. At the moment, life is stressful and chaotic.

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