Wednesday, January 07, 2009

It's A New Year, So...

I don’t make New Year resolutions for the same reason as most other people who refuse to make them. It’s an exercise in failure. I’m forced to develop SMART goals as part of my work. I know they are supposed to help improve standards and avoid complacency and I dare say they sometimes do, but the fewer acronyms in my personal life the better. That said, there are a few things I would quite like to do this year, in a literary sense:

1. Promote The Opposite of Cabbage (due 1st March – getting quite close!). Do readings. Be proactive. Sell at least enough copies for Salt to make a profit (so much depends on you, dear readers). Have fun.
2. Write poetry that goes beyond what I’ve done with that book.
3. Read more crime fiction.
4. Discover some good online poetry publications, apart from the few I’m already familiar with.
5. Submit reviews to online magazines rather than posting them to this blog. It’s less effort just to post them here, of course, but such laziness is limiting.
6. Along with the new team, create a great programme for Poetry at the Great Grog.

That’s enough, I think. Not much of a literary career path but, really, I only want to do stuff that I enjoy doing and that’s of the best possible quality. Otherwise there’s no point.


BarbaraS said...

There's nothing wrong with these goals, but they will keep you very busy with the workload you already carry, so give yourself a large measure of credit. The best of luck with your collection; I can't wait!

Rob said...

To be honest, they're mainly just a continuation of what I do now. Promoting the book will take some time and energy.
I'll cut wasted time to read crime fiction.
I'd quite like to experiment with online mags, at the expense of print mags - just for this year, and then decide whether to continue in that way.
The Great Grog should be less work, given the team I now have.