Friday, September 18, 2009

New Mimesis

I had a backlog of stuff that had been queuing up for attention and this week has been really busy – hence the lack of blog posts. Not that I’ve had nothing to say, there’s just been no time to say it.

One thing I should mention is that the new issue of Mimesis is out, issue 6. It features poems and articles by several names that will make this issue well worth reading. I’m pleased to have three poems in there.

I don’t have any poems under consideration by editors at the moment – I haven’t submitted anything since June, and I really ought to send a few out. I have several publishable poems all ready, but I’m unsure where to submit them.

That said, I haven’t actually written a new poem for about three months, which is a long time for me, although I have an idea that my brain, even now (with any luck) is working on subconsciously. I’ve learned that’s how I write best, if I don’t jump in too quickly when armed with an idea and a few phrases. Sooner or later, if I keep the idea in mind, a line or two will start to form and the tone/shape of the poem will become clearer. All this can change when I start writing, of course, but starting a poem too quickly usually produces substandard work.

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