Monday, October 19, 2009

Christopher Whyte Book Launch

News of the launch of Christopher Whyte's major new book: Bho Leabhar-Latha Maria Malibran. (Acair. Thursday at the Scottish Poetry Library from 7.30pm (there's also a Wednesday launch at the Mitchell Library, Glasgow). Chris is coming all the way from Budapest. I would be there if I could (but can't). It will be Gaelic and English translation.


Elizabeth M Rimmer said...

Wish I could be there for that, but at the moment I am already triple-booked!

Desmond Swords said...

Me too. Quadruple booked at four events

time past, time present
futurity and this time

tick tocking Elizabeth
decieving a triumvirate

of dotted, flickering light
cleaving to wind and rain

wet cranes angled to reveal
noir night, the two-tongues

rimming straight a prophecy
in letters requesting songs

sung from Plato's cave by us
Aristotle and Socrates, pub

licking dream-drunk lushes
in demand, being excellence

in the SPL, personae-player
scoring in print, time past

and present, the own ghost
goal in which a shade flits

effortlessly Elizabeth
rimming with the gods: come

let us go you and 'I', home
-ward, turf, track and tribe

fructify time present, verify


as the word 'I' need to spot
'R' airing sidhe of Eber

and Eremon, prior to Ir, being
present in time past turning



the second verification

Mestifo moi 'I'
mist ef o eff

its Gerald's fitz
the Earl in English

nom de guerre, Sarah
English, grandmother's

pre-marital birth-name
MacNichols her own ma

Prendergast, Ó Claimhín
twin-tongued toys tied

within us Elizabeth MR-

me tis fo
me tis fo

let out a Manc stare

mef tis o
me tis fo
Mets if o!

In Manchester we'll moan
of rain and wind and cranes

wet flickering night
boughs broken on the leaf

staring from the metro
Mefisto's ghost.