Monday, March 21, 2011

StAnza Poetry Festival 2011, Part 2

I’m back from StAnza and, of course, had a good time. I’ll say more soon, but I have a work meeting tonight and need to get ready for it. But here is a list of books/pamphlets I bought, swopped for, or was given:
Velazquez's Riddle - Lyn Moir (Calder Wood)
Cloud Pibroch – James McGonigal (Mariscat)
Notti di Pace Occidentale – Antonella Anedda (Donzelli Poesia)
Five Days – Hugh McMillan (Roncadora)
The Thing to Do when You Are Not in Love – Steve Ronnie (Red Squirrel)
The Mermaid & The Sailors – Claire Askew (Red Squirrel)
Ashes for Breakfast - Durs Grunbein (Faber)

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