Monday, February 13, 2006

The Great Poetry Exchange

I’m intrigued by the Great Poetry Exchange, which is coordinating a free exchange of poetry publications through the world.

From the website:

“To participate you must volunteer to mail one copy of one poetry book that you have written to one other person participating. Just one book. In exchange, you will receive in the mail one copy of one poetry book written by another participating poet.Your book must be a physical entity. Even if it's self published, or 'one of one' that you printed from your computer and stapled together...but please, no e-books. In the middle of March, we will randomly assign the books to each participant and email to you the name and address of the person you are supposed to send your book to.”

I like the chance element in this. I’ll think up 50 words to describe The Clown of Natural Sorrow and make my submission tomorrow.

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Rob Mackenzie said...

I've added my book to the list. It will appear at their next site update.
I'll be really interested to see what book gets sent to me. I recognise a few names there, including Matt Merritt, whose chapbook is also out on HappenStance. It's really good, but I hope they don't send me that one, as I already have it.

Anyway, if you don't have a book, get your poems stapled together and have a shot at this too.