Saturday, February 25, 2006

Jorie Graham

Ouch! Luke Kennard reviews, or at least pastiche-reviews, Jorie Graham’s latest collection in Stride magazine.

Ouch! again. But as ever with Stride, there’s no shortage of entertainment. And the final word is left to the excellent John Ash, quoted as follows:

...If, nevertheless,
you have to worry, confine your worrying
to one subject: money is always a good choice.
Never worry about 'the absurdity of existence,'
or similar large vaguenesses which are really like
the memory of a grandmother who died before you were born.
What good will it do you? And do not become enslaved to anything.
(John Ash, 'Some Words of Advice: After Hesiod')


Larry said...

It looks like he is being way too prissy and that he knows it.

Yeah, nice ending quote.


Paula said...

big smile for the quote.

wishes to defeat the visurs:-)

poet CAConrad said...

Jorie Graham? I'm no fan.

Hey, I like how you have the books highlighted below. Never heard of that anthology STAYING ALIVE. Sounds interesting.

Are you familiar with British poet Tom Raworth? He's so fantastic, one of the best poets alive! And then there's Simon Cutts!


Rob Mackenzie said...

Cheers folks.

CA, I'm undecided on Jorie Graham. I haven't read enough.
Thanks for the reccommendations. I had a look at Tom Raworth. I might even post something on him, as I can't understand what he's trying to do (that's not to make a snap, value-judgement on his work, by the way).