Sunday, May 13, 2007

Eurovision 2007

The Eurovision Song Contest was won last night by Serbia. The Serbian singer, Maria, described the victory as a triumph of songcraft over showmanship.

I thought it was a bland, average ballad of a kind I’ve heard a thousand times. The political block voting was more obvious than ever, particularly among the Balkan countries. The contest is a joke, not only because of the generally low quality of music, but because politics has completely taken over.

Why do I watch it? For the entertainment value (occasionally something is so bad that it becomes good), for the “showmanship”, for the idiot presenters, for Terry Wogan’s sarcastic commentary.

And yesterday evening, the French entry, performed by the Fatals Picards,
who finished second bottom (equal with the UK), should have run away with it, despite Terry describing it as “chronic”, and complaining that they weren’t taking it seriously at all(!). Their energy, clever lyrics (I think...), and hilarious camp theatrics made it by far the best of the night. And not a bad little tune either.

I’ve just noticed that Ms. Baroque preferred the Ukranian entry, and I can see its appeal too. However, I’d guess the French would be less irritating after the tenth play, so I’m going to stick with them.


Ms Baroque said...

Rob, ta for the link. I've watched Verka Serdyuchka's video about 15 times now, & it still makes me laugh every time. I might burst out laughing right now, just thinking about it! But then, I'm low.

Rob said...

Oh, it's unique, no doubt about that, and very funny. But that song would drive me crazy in no time.

Jane Holland: Editor said...

I can't believe you two wasted your time watching that rubbish! Still, my husband happily did and that meant I didn't need to, as he gave me the abbreviated highlights afterwards, and I did occasionally wander in and out of the living room, and so caught glimpses of a number of the acts.

That opera song. Blimey. I thought she was going to take off at one stage ...


Doc Moriarty said...

Eurovision is an anachronical freak tv show enoyed by millions of people trying to be integrated in europe. That's what makes you stand at your tv.

I liked pink french men singing that gay song.

As ever, spanish singers where one of the worst.

PS. I'm not an eurofan. I just arrived here searching for "rob mackenzie" in google.

Greetings from Barcelona!

Doc Moriarty said...

Not enoyed: enjoyed.

Rob said...

I know it is both rubbish and anachronistic, but there's something compelling about it. Once you start watching, it's hard to switch off. It's bad for you, like high-tar cigarettes, but feels somehow necessary.

Doc M - I hope you eventually found the Rob Mackenzie you were looking for. I confess I can't even remember the Spanish entry. But I'm sure it was better than the UK's.