Friday, May 04, 2007

SNP Win!

Well, it is a genuinely historic result. The pro-independence Scottish National Party have won the election to the Scottish Parliament - only just, but it's the first time Labour have been beaten in Scotland since 1955. It now remains to be seen what coalitions will form. The final number of seats:

SNP 47
Labour 46
Conservative 17
Liberal Democrats 16
Others 3

I suspect the Scottish Lib Dems will have orders from the Lib Dem HQ in London to go with Labour and oppose a referendum on independence, but we'll have to see. And who will the "Others" go with? - 2 Greens and another I haven't worked out yet.

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Andrew Philip said...

The Scottish Green Party is pro independence, although it's not a central issue for them. The single independent is Margo Macdonald, who left the SNP but is still pro independence.