Friday, January 18, 2008

Leona v. PJ

OK, here are two women who have been nominated for Best Female Artist at the Brit Awards – PJ Harvey and Leona Lewis.

There couldn’t be more of a contrast. PJ is pop queen of creative experimentation, every album sculpted with a particular sound in mind, from bone-crunching fuzz to the disconcerting lullabies of her latest recordings. She is one of the few rock artists (perhaps the only one) to have received plaudits from Captain Beefheart in recent years. Leona Lewis is winner of the X-Factor 2006, a terrific voice without a doubt, and very much in the Mariah Carey / Whitney Houston mould. Her single, Bleeding Love, went to number one, and her debut album was the fastest-selling UK album in history. There's a song by each of them in the two posts below this one.

I thought I’d conduct my own popular vote. Vote in the comments box for either Leona or PJ Harvey. Do so anonymously if you wish. After a week, I’ll add them up and I’ll delete the video of the second-placed artist.


OK, not exactly great enthusiasm over this contest, but PJH got the most votes. So Leona is gone. I suspect this result may not repeat itself at the Brit Awards, but I am a PJ Harvey fan and live in hope.


Anonymous said...

Leona all the way.
By the way she is 22.

Rob said...

Oh, thanks. For some reason, I thought she was 19. I've made the change.

Colin Will said...

PJ is the more interesting talent. Personally I'd have preferred KT Tunstall and Kate Rusby over either.

Rachel Fox said...

They are so different - it's more like they shouldn't be in the same category really (Leona in pop, PJ in...rock? Songwriter? Alternative?). Awards ceremonies - just an excuse to sell stuff?
Karine Polwart for president, by the way.

Harry said...

Meh. Neither of them, thanks.

If I had to listen to one or the other I'd probably go for PJH, but neither are really my cup of tea.

Sorlil said...

Neither for me either, but Kate Rusby definately!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Contemporary female singer-songwriters are something of a passion for me... here, for what it's worth is my top twenty, in no order:

Anais Mitchell
Stephanie Dosen
Regina Spektor
Laura Veirs
Joanna Newsom
Kathryn Williams
Holly Throsby
Sidsel Endresen
Rachel Goswell
Stina Nordenstam
Cathy Davey
Kate Rusby
Robin Holcomb
Emmy the Great
Tori Amos
Nina Nastasia
Missy Higgins
Hope Sandoval
Neko Case
Meg Baird


Anonymous said...