Saturday, January 12, 2008

New Links

Probably the last thing anyone needs is more material to read on the Internet, but in recent weeks I have added yet more links to the lists down the column on the right – some good stuff too – each with an attention-grabbing NEW! alongside their name. A quick summary:

Scottish Links: Books from Scotland

Blogs: Bill Herbert, David Caddy, Emma Lee, Rachel Fox

Literary Zines: Fuselit, London Magazine, Mimesis, Roundtable Review, Seam, Succour, Tears in the Fence

Poet/Writer Websites: David Kinloch, Polly Clark

All good sites and worth reading.


Rachel Fox said...

Thanks for the mention.
Without wishing to go too far down a back-slapping road I would like to say that one reason your blog is so much more interesting than so many is that you don't just write about yourself. In fact you hardly write about yourself at all...quite unusual in these times (and indeed in any times where writers are concerned).

Colin Will said...

Thanks for this Rob. Reminds me I must update my blogroll soon. I tend to have a lot of links in my 'Favorites' which I haven't yet added to the roll. How did you get on with the FuseLit 'Fox' themed issue by the way ?

C. Carter said...

I think your vast set of links is a virtue.

Rob said...

Thanks, Rachel. I write about myself now and again but too much of that would bore even me. On the other hand, some poets write remarkably interesting blogs mainly about themselves. Maybe they have interesting lives?

Colin, I will have a poem in the Fox issue. I'll look forward to seeing yours too.

CC, there are pros and cons. Fewer links mean more attention for the few that exist. A vast number makes it impossible to keep up. However, I do read from a few of the links regularly. When I drop in on the others, I nearly always enjoy them, and I hope they are a welcome surprise for other people too. So on balance, I also prefer the big list.