Monday, March 03, 2008

Troy Town

As a brief interlude from Paradise Lost, fellow HappenStance poet, Matt Merritt’s debut full collection, Troy Town, has just been published by Arrowhead Press, £8.99 on hardback. This will be really good and I recommend you go to Matt’s blog (at the link above) and buy a copy.


Matt Merritt said...

Thanks very much for that, Rob.
I'm enjoying the Paradise Lost posts a lot - I did read it once years ago, when I was far too young to appreciate it. I'm going to have another go now, although I suspect it will take me longer than a month.

Cailleach said...

Ooh! Aah! Off to have a sconce at that now :)

Rob said...

I'm impressed by Arrowhead's distribution system. I ordered the book one evening. I got an email the next day saying the book had been sent, and the next morning it arrived!

Looks great.