Monday, June 30, 2008

Facebook Home

Timmy Blabbers posted a link.

“The man who sold his life – home, friends, and job – for a new username and giant flatscreen, is begging on the streets of Broxburn for pearls beyond price…” Read more.

Libby Martian and Jim Pimms are now friends.

Sutcliff Frederick Remington left the group Writers Need Lives Offline Too

Sutcliff Frederick Remington joined the group Internet Poets Who Spit.

Tom Glum has had 59 poems accepted by 38 top literary magazines in the last 3 minutes!

Sputnik McDonald and Fluffy Press are now friends. Fluffy found Sputnik through the People Most Likely To Die Soon tool.

Libby Martian wrote on Jacquie Grygo’s Wall.

“Try the Deep-Spirit Congregation of Chorus Girls Who’ve Lost A Leg to see real miracles take place in your life!”

Libby Martian’s half-cut skunk-warrior attacked Jim Pimms’s mini-hamster and stenched out his cage. Jim’s eyes stung for days. No one will change his food bowl ever again. Libby’s skunk-warrior is da funk.

Jacquie Grygo created a group, Deep-Spirit Congregation of Chorus Girls Who’ve Lost Both Arms As Well As A Leg And Had Their Lips Surgically Removed, So There!

Tom Glum, Libby Martian, Jim Pimms and Timmy Blabbers are attending 365-Hour-Prayers for Internet Poets Who Spit.

It's hosted by 365 Hours. So far 5,669 people have been invited

Libby Martian is no longer listed as "single"

Timmy Blabbers wrote on Tom Glum's Wall.

“Click, don’t spit! Click, don’t spit!” And you may respond, “Click Click Click.”

Libby Martian commented on Jim Pimms's photo.

“Your eyes are loveless. Who made you such loveless eyes? Cold as Frappuccino™. Deep as QuarterPounders™”.

566 of your friends joined the group It’s OK To Feel Mildly Contented All The Time

Libby Martian added the Assassinate Robert Mugabe and the Free Beanbag For Everyone in the World - Right Now! applications.

Sutcliff Frederick Remington added a new video to the group, Internet Poets Who Spit

Jacqui Grygo is now single

Tom Glum is sending messages to his 5,587 friends about his great achievements of the last three hours or so and is delighted that Backside Blogzine has accepted 27 of his short stories for publication on its wonderful site!

Sutcliff Frederick Remington is drinking wine poured for him by his wonderful partner and is thinking about how literature is and isn’t an art, how literature is and isn’t bad and good and everything in between.

566 of your friends joined the group Everyone Else Is To Blame For The Person I Am.

Sputnik McDonald wrote on Fluffy Press’s Super Wall:

“Can I pay by weekly instalments? I love your cover templates. I’m delighted that ‘Spiritual Moments for People Without Time’ has found a perfect home.”

19,927 of your friends changed their profile pictures

Sutcliff Frederick Remington is now single

22 of your friends became fans of Sutcliff Frederick Remington.

Jim Pimms commented on a video at the Internet Poets Who Spit group:

“I luv u, Libby Martian. I hav wrote a peom 2 her & wood like 2 share it with u & the wurld. Keep doin’ it, man:

My eyes ar
full of luv
like spit
or a cup of coffee
from a machine
that does’nt stop
even when i pressed
the button
& i am sad
till ur machine
does’nt stop
& its true
that plastic cups
flow together
like this peom
& others
i have wrote
4 u
luv, J.

Sutcliff Frederick Remington left the group Internet Poets Who Spit

Timmy Blabbers sold his flatscreen for a new username.

Sutcliff Frederick Remington is now married to Jacqui Grygo

Libby Martian has completed the HOW DO I KNOW (S)HE'S ATTRACTED TO ME? quiz. Compare your score with Libby. Take the Quiz!

Jim Pimms and Fluffy Press are now friends. Fluffy found Jim through the People Who Could Be Useful To You tool.

Tom Glum joined the group Free Greenland Now


Rik said...

Thank you for reminding me why I junked Facebook

Julie Carter said...


BarbaraS said...

Brilliant! When are you performing this wonder?

Rob said...

Cheers, Rik and Julie.
Barbara - performing??? I think this piece has made both its debut and farewell appearance here on this blog!