Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Poetry at the Great Grog - In Pictures

Nice to have a big crowd for the last Poetry at the Great Grog readings before the summer break - hardly a spare seat in the house. The poetry was excellent as ever: four fine poets - Jim Carruth, Mike Stocks, Eleanor Livingstone, Kapka Kassabova - performing their work very well. But here's the story (or part of the story) in pictures and a few words which, like many poems, blur fact and fiction (all photos by Helen Beaton - click on the images to make them bigger):

Rob: "By next year, these poets are going to be this huge..."

Jim: "What did I mean when I wrote that line?"

Mike: "Every book should have a dog in it. I've no time for books that don't."

Eleanor: "If my daughter was here, I couldn't read this poem. But as she's not..."

Kapka: "I'm going to read from Geography for the Lost, a title which needs no explanation."


Cailleach said...

I love it Rob - the first one works very well indeed :)))

Who says that poets take themselves too seriously ;)

Anonymous said...

Rob 'Jazz Hands' Mackenzie.