Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Zimbabwe Crisis

George Szirtes has a published a poem by John Eppel (with accompanying article by Mary Ndlovu), from Zimbabwe. It’s heartbreaking. I guess we can choose our own response to the crisis there – UNICEF, Christian Aid, and various organisations are taking donations to counter the cholera epidemic. But any chance of real change will only come with a change of leadership. The international community, especially South Africa, needs to act urgently.

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deemikay said...

One of the problems, though, are the African Union who are dragging their heels - "let them talk about it themselves... " is all they can say. Without AU condemnation of Mugabe nothing will happen.

And the West don't want to be seen invading another country to topple its dictator.

It's a horrible situation.

Thanks for the link, Rob.