Friday, July 24, 2009


I have four poems up at Alex Pryce’s fine PoetCasting site for audio poems. Three of mine come from The Opposite of Cabbage and I’ve also included a previously unpublished poem, Politics. Just below me on the main page (currently) are poems by HappenStance poet, Marilyn Ricci, and there is plenty of other good stuff throughout the site.


Liz said...

Hi Rob,
Enjoyed listening, you could have been right in front of me... - no crackling at all...I mean audio-wise attempts at doing audio are crap even with the best mic. on the did you get yours so clear and crisp-sounding?

Rob said...

I got mine sounding clear and crisp-sounding because... Alex edited all the crackling out! And made it stereo. And, no doubt, made a few other enhancements. So it was really down to her.

Glad you enjoyed it though.