Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Latest Magma - Issue 45

The new edition of Magma, issue 45, edited by Clare Pollard, is just out. I’ve only had time to read some of the prose so far. Got to say, Jacob Polley’s piece on Poetry and Prose is excellent (in print only, not online) - a very thoughtful and intelligent angle on a subject that often yields little insight. I have three reviews in it – of recent collections by Roddy Lumsden, CL Dallat and Angela Kirby – and these are online and in print, as is Tim Turnbull’s fascinating article on the poetic legacy of the music hall.


Michelle said...

I ordered it today. It looks like a fantastic issue.

Roddy said...

Thanks Rob - great to see you liked Angela's book too - which I worked on quite a bit.

The 'drowned bell' motif in folklore is a Christian one - the idea that the devil stole bells from church towers and dropped them in the deepest pools in the vicinity where they could not be recovered. The recovery of drowned bells has been one of those attributed to, expected of, the archatypical hero 'Jack' who the poem is about. cheers Roddy

Светловодско-подвальная рок-музыка said...

I am gathered to order this book!
I will be inflated it good:)))