Friday, November 06, 2009

Poetry at the...GRV Taster - Sunday 8 November

To say the least, I’ve been ‘blogging lite’ recently, for which I apologise. Most stuff I have posted in the last month or so has been no more than a pointer to some poem or event or book or reading, and it’s the same with this post. Normal service will return soon, maybe next week. I’ve been really busy and thought that going easy on blogging would enable me to get more done. Oddly enough, that hasn’t really happened. I get about the same amount of stuff done whether I blog or don’t blog. As my American friends would say – ‘Go figure!’

I’ve posted a poem and bio from Morgan Downie over at the ‘Poetry at the…’ site. Morgan will be reading this Sunday 8th November from 7.45-9.45pm, along with Robert Alan Jamieson and Tessa Ransford, at the GRV, 35 Guthrie Street, Edinburgh (£4, concessions £3).

I’m still trying to decide whether to continue the reading series in 2010. I’d like to, but it takes time and energy to organise. The audience size has been not bad and the level of finance is OK, but a few low audiences would make things very precarious. It’s been hard to find people who want to help with the organising. Maybe I’ll decide after this Sunday. If I decide not to have any more, I’ll organise one more poetry event in 2010 to use up any money that’s left in a constructive way. So this Sunday could be the last ever. But perhaps after Sunday, I’ll feel the need to come up with a 2010 programme.

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