Thursday, January 27, 2011

Salt Books Winter Sale

Until the end of January, you can buy books direct from Salt and get 33% off the price – the real price, that is, not the inflated Amazon one (see below). The Opposite of Cabbage is listed at only £7.19 in the Salt online store. With 33% off, that should be less than a fiver. Use the code HGW45R13 for any purchases at Salt.

From a review in The TLS, by Carrie Etter:
Rob A Mackenzie's first full collection inhabits present-day Scotland in all its livliness, banality and bad weather... Mackenzie's vigorous urban language, often employed in declarative sentences, vivifies it all... The Opposite of Cabbage impresses with its distinctive style and energetic exploration of 'the way we live now.'

Now, something very odd. Amazon UK appear to have doubled the price of books published by Salt. The paperbacks are on sale for anything from £15 to £18. It must be a mistake, but Amazon are rather taking their time to sort it out. In connection with this, I had a weird dream two nights ago. I won a competition. The bizarre prize was that the winner had to buy both The Opposite of Cabbage and a rail ticket to Newcastle, by debit card. It cost me £26 for the book from Amazon, and the rail ricket was for the next day, when I was working and couldn't travel.

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