Thursday, December 15, 2005

Best Poem of the Year?

Liverpool Disappears for a Billionth of a Second by Paul Farley won the Forward Prize for Best Poem published in the UK in 2005.

Any opinions? I'll post my opinion soon.


Harry said...

I doubt if it's *the best* poem - there are some clumsinesses to it, and I don't know if it's got enough (any?) killer moments, but I'm not offended by it winning.

Julie Carter said...

I don't mind the poem. I like the poem. But the best poem? If it doesn't make me suicidal with envy, it isn't the best poem. I do like those bat squeaks though.

Rob Mackenzie said...

Harry, Julie - thanks for your thoughts.

I like the poem too. Over the weekend I'll try to post something on why I think it won. Being the best poem wasn't perhaps the main consideration.

Something strange has happened to my "Surroundings" title at the top of my page but I can't be bothered to work out what's happened tonight. Something to do with posting these photos maybe. To bed.

Anonymous said...

I like it, but I imagine it could be does seem to plod in parts - and this in a fairly short poem.
I have no idea what the competition was like in this contest, but if anything else was respectable, this couldn't have escaped being a judgment call.
Still, it is kind of "daring", and I am pleased it one, for that reason.


Rob Mackenzie said...

Thanks for commenting, Andrew. I've posted more about it on the blog today.