Tuesday, December 20, 2005

More Launch Pics

You can see the three photos I posted to this blog from the recent HappenStance Press launch along with five others, including one of me looking as if I’m a naughty pupil sent to the headteacher’s study. It’s a jazzy little gallery.


The Blind-Winger Jones said...

Hi Rob

Finished reading The Clown of Natural Sorrow at the weekend. Thoroughly enjoyed it, and I've just posted about it on my blog.

It was a real pleasure to read and I keep finding myself referring back to particular poems. I look forward to the next collection !

Thanks very much for the link.


Messalina said...

The way the pictures in the gallery zoom out at one, made me a little dizzy - I'm sure it was that and not the vodka... ;o)

Rob Mackenzie said...

Martyn - thanks for the review. Good of you to do that. I'm glad you enjoyed the chapbook. The Moonie poem is probably my most popular poem ever. As for the next book - if there is another one, it won't be any time soon. Building a book's worth of material is going to take a while.

Messalina - the moving photos are a weird sensation, that's for sure. Different at any rate.