Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Martin Stannard

Just a small interruption to direct you to a poem sequence by Martin Stannard at Stride magazine, which is funny, profound, and entertaining. George Szirtes, I think, said that poetry is partly about saying complex things in a simple way, which is always much harder than it appears (it’s much easier to say simple things in a pseudo-complex way). Stannard succeeds well here. You need to read all 5 sections for the full effect.


Anonymous said...

Yes it's funny, profound? perhaps, entertaining? humm.

But where is the beautiful?

I want beautiful too - and if that is not to be had then at least very very funny, extremely profound or Ronnie Barker entertaining.

Rob Mackenzie said...

Yes, maybe not so beautiful.

But nonetheless enjoyable, although that's purely subjective, of course.