Tuesday, September 12, 2006


I deleted the poem. Thanks for commenting. And here's a review about a bottle of wine.

Name: Legenda
Grape: Merlot
Year: 2004
Country: Moldova
Alcohol: 14.5 %
Price: £5.90
Obtained: a gift

This wine tastes like it should cost double what it did. It’s packed full of flavour, but smooth, none of the tartness that I perhaps wrongly associate with wines from the Romania/Moldova region.

The blurb on the label tells me that this wine was served up on the tsars’ banquet tables, an absurd claim really, as winemaking techniques these days can hardly be compared to centuries past, but I doubt the tsars would have turned it down.

The taste is rich and complex. It should have been saved for a steak meal, with guests round a table. But I can assure you it goes down a treat when sitting listlessly in front of the TV on an evening when there’s nothing worth watching. At 14.5 %, it might even make television seem bearable.


Cailleach said...

Oh, that made me laugh out loud! The rushed torrent of the words adds a furious pace to the whole thing.

I can't wait for four weeks time, to have the time to write again! Sestinas look like fun :¬)

Rob Mackenzie said...

Thanks. I'm already looking forward to reading your sestinas!