Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Sound

I have another poem, The Sound, published in an online zine, Andwerve. It’s a strange poem, and I’ve always hoped someone somewhere would appreciate it. I’m glad someone did.


Anonymous said...

Rob, I have to admit I often find your poems, uh, challenging! "The Sound" however resonates with me in the same way as your Sapphic stanzas, the one you got the commendation for. Very nice indeed.

So there we go, that confirms my strangeness.


Aisha said...

Andwerve seemed a great place for this abstract painting of a poem.
Their Guidelines say: "...submissions that address the intersection between the individual and his or her built/natural environment will be most suitable..."
Enjoyed...and meant to comment on your series of translations in September (?) NaPo. Someone with more than operatic Italian would do better, but they have a strong voice and it is not yours, so I assume it is you being the transparent yet necessary medium only.
Well done. A for perseverance, A for result.

Aisha said...

Hmmm, a bit cryptic, my comment :-0

I meant my Italian, not yours! is operatic only so I couldnt check with the original :)

Rob Mackenzie said...

Rob - I never think of my poems as difficult, certainly not in the same way as Geoffrey Hill or even the likes of John Burnside, but maybe they are. Anyway, I'm glad you liked The Sound.

Aisha - thanks, and thanks too for your comments on the translations. Sometimes, I'm just guessing at meaning, and operatic Italian would do just as well. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Hell no, not like Hill et al. Certainly not difficulty arising from over-intellectualization or obscure literary allusions that turn a poem into something more akin to the Times crossword. No, some of your poems are subtly difficult in the sense that they often seem to be trundling along nicely and then suddenly they veer down some unexpectedly deep philosophical hole only to emerge into clarity somewhere entirely different to where you left the last easy bit if you see what I mean. Think black holes and parallel universes I guess.

The effect is to leave me always on the edge of meaning and never quite there.

I better leave it at that or Eloise will think I've been drinking.


Christie said...
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