Thursday, September 28, 2006

One Blog Man

Starting an extra blog seemed like a good idea at the time, but I don't have time to keep it updated, so I'm going to delete it. I've pasted the posts I made there into this blog, exchanging them for poems I've deleted earlier. It does mean that this blog may start to have occasional articles on wine, film, and obscure music, but that's probably no bad thing.


Eloise said...

YAY for wine, film and obscure music.

Invest in some twiglets and Trivial Pursuit and we'll have a party.


Rob said...

That was my thought too, Eloise. The whole idea of a party has changed for me.
I used to have a good social life until I had a child. Now if my wife and I drink a bottle of Merlot on a Friday night and watch Curb Your Enthusiasm on the TV, we think we've had a party.

Jane Holland: Editor said...

Only one blog? What's all that about, then? Tsk, tsk. These lazy bloggers. I have six blogs currently active ... and no life!

Merlot brings me out in a rash. An ice-cold Chardonnay, over a fermenting blog template, now that sounds like a party.


Rob said...

Jane - Six blogs! That sounds like the kind of multi-tasking I am incapable of.

I really like red wine, but when I lived in Italy (until 18 months ago), I used to spend Friday evenings in a bar with my wife, drinking Pino Grigio for €8 a bottle. We knew that Madonna was spending $500 for the same stuff, which made us feel happy.

I'll investigate your blogs and try to decide which to link to.

I enjoyed your Books at Auction poem in the latest issue of Poetry Review, by the way, especially those "ghosts on the flyleaf" of the secondhand books,

...- when bought, when handed on,
where kept, by whom (though rarely why,
the hidden purposes of readers
blown like dust from gilt-edged spines).