Tuesday, January 09, 2007

James Wood Interview

Over at Fusion View, a literary blog I’d never heard of before that looks pretty good, you can hear a podcast interview with James Wood, conducted by blog owner and novelist Yang-May Ooi.

I met James at the launch of his poetry chapbook on HappenStance, The Theory of Everything, a few months ago, and went for a drink with him and a few other people afterwards. He is a nice guy, very committed to his art, and the podcast touches on a number of issues – the process of writing poems, the input of others, publishing, the local poetry scene etc. Towards the end, he reads his poem, Thursday, also printed on the website. The podcast lasts almost half an hour – refreshing, I think, in an age of soundbites.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rob

"Thanks", as I believe they now say in youth culture, "for the 'add'." Good luck with the poems!

Regards -


Rob said...

The 'add'! Hmmmmm....
All the best to you too, James.