Sunday, January 07, 2007

Meth O.D.

I mentioned a few Blog entries ago that I had discovered a MySpace page run by Roy Moller, a singer-songwriter and friend from Glasgow who I hadn’t seen in a while.

Well Roy has been in touch with me since, and I’ve also found a My Space page with music from Roy’s old band, Meth O.D.. The four tracks you can hear there represent the gentler side of the band, as they had songs with titles like Bastard Tarantino, High School High, and Dbug, which were a lot more abrasive.

My favourite of the four is First Zen Temple of New York. It's the only pop song I know of that gives a mention to the orang-utan, so it has, in its own way, secured its place in rock history. Not so instant, but a grower, is Goldigger. The other two tracks are strong songs, but the production isn’t as good. Also, the backing vocalist in both of them is my ex-wife, which makes All Our Yesterdays sound more ironic than ever to me.

***Edit: It looks as though All our Yesterdays has gone, and has been replaced by Bastard Tarantino. Now we're talking. This song rocks in the best possible way!


Larry said...

Over the bushland over the trees
Wise like Orangutan that was me

David Bowie - African Night Flight, form the album Lodger, 1979

Rob said...

Heh. I might have known Bowie would have got there first.

Meth O-D. managed to rhyme it with "boomerang", mind you, which takes a bit of doing.