Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Never-Never

I’ve read a little of Kathryn Gray’s collection, The Never-Never (Seren, 2004).

Some excellent poems in it, and a few of them can be found at Limelight.

The first poem there, The King's Head is really strong, with that shift towards the end adding a hint of mystery. The other two poems are less 'instant', but are both very good.

And I love the cover.


Ben Wilkinson said...

Thanks for your thoughts on 'The Horizon', Rob; I've posted a reply on the 'Wasteland.

I enjoyed Kathryn Gray's poems on Limelight when I first read them; thanks for alerting me to them again. I'll have to invest in her collection at some point.

Rob said...

I read a little further last night. It's very enjoyable. The poems rarely go exactly where you expect.