Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Pox

My daughter has chicken pox. Not a bad thing to get it when you’re 4-years-old of course. She was a bit hot and drowsy at first and off her food, but now she’s fine, playing away, and her rash is very mild so far. I got it when I was 17, the day of my History Higher exam, which I sat with a temperature of over 102 degrees. The next day I felt ill, was covered in spots from head to foot, couldn’t sit my Latin, and was off school for two weeks.


Cailleach said...

What a horrible time to get chicken pox! My older ones have had it, but the younger ones have not. They used to have chicken pox parties here years ago, the thinking being that they might as well get it as not.

Anonymous said...

you have my sympathy, coincidently, my youngest, bless him, also four, came out with the chicken pox rash this morning, to mixed reactions from the rest of the family. ranging from the fairly typical 'kevin and perry' snot fair, thats ruined my half term, that has, from my 14 year old. to the six year old giving him his new toy to make him feel better. and others in between. tips to share, if you have a bath ( which we don't, no boiler) lukewarm bath with a few drops of lavender oil and some bicarbonate of soda. not a doctor or anything, but it really helped when the oldest three had it a few years ago.

Eloise said...

It's never fun getting chicken pox but far better that your daughter gets it now. When I was little my mother used to make me go and play with every kid that was ill with something infectious, so that I got chicken pox and all those other childhood illnesses when I was young.
I'm not sure if anyone does that anymore, but it seemed to work quite well, and it meant that the poor sick kids always had people to play with!
God, I just remember wanting to scratch sooo bad and not being allowed to, it's one of my first real memories.

Rob said...

It is much better to get it when you're young, that's for sure. Today my daughter is a poor wee soul, desperate to scratch, but trying not to - weepy and sorry for herself.

Thanks for the tip on the lavender oil and bicarbonate of soda bath. We tried that yesterday and she stayed in for ages and seems to want another one this afternoon.

apprentice said...

Poor we soul, hope she gets past the itchy phase soon.

Calamine (splg)lotion is great too, very cooling.

Rob said...

We think the itch is going down, but we'll see today. We have the calamine. Thanks!