Tuesday, February 27, 2007


It’s Lent, a time when Christians are supposed to practice self-denial and everyone else looks on, or not, with bemusement. But Aisha requests that we join in with NUNS – No Unnecessary Needless Shopping – until Easter Sunday on 8 April. I’ve had to exempt tickets for StAnza events (not much point being at a poetry festival and not going to anything), but other than that, I’ve signed up.


jillypoet said...

This is a great idea. My mother gives up sweets every year, religiously, you might say. I never know what to give up, but NUNS is exactly what I need to observe. A spiritual practice, yes, but are poetry books included? i was really looking forward to buying Louise Erdich's new book of poetry today.

Rob said...

Jilly, there are no rules to this discipline. You decide. And good luck!

I like the idea of NUNS and it seems to me that it can be done by those who want to make it a religious practice, but also be those who would see its significance purely in secular or political terms.

Aisha said...

I have been busy with eams and meetings and flu-- but meanwhile I got more recruits -- yay NUNS!