Friday, November 09, 2007

Féile Filiochta

Hmmmm. I’ve tried twice now to email my entry the Feile Filiochta Poetry Competition, closing date today, and it’s twice been returned to me with the message, “Recipient’s mailbox is full.”

Clear out your mailbox, competition administrators!

***Third time lucky - I think - on Friday evening. So I may have managed to enter this competition after all. Entries were free, so there was nothing to lose.***


Liz said...

Rob hi,

I took the plunge on this one too -about a week ago - didn't have the jammed mail box tension ;)...couldn't believe it was free to enter and really like Rita Anne Higgins' work.

Best of luck to us : )


Colin Will said...

Did you eventually manage to get through Rob?

Sorry I missed your recent reading - some of the reasons are now finding their way into my blog.

Rob said...

Good luck, Liz!

I did get through - third time lucky, Colin. Your photos of China are terrific.

Mark Granier said...

I spoke to one of the admin staff for Féile. He said that if there are any problems just email the other address
But ONLY if you have problems with the main email address.

The closing date has now been moved to the end of the month, Friday 30th.

Rob said...

Well, I got through on time for the original closing date.

I suppose they had to move the closing date if they were having problems with their email. Seems like an odd practice though, especially giving people who haven't yet entered an extra three weeks - unless the organisers feel they haven't had enough entries, which I doubt.