Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Latest HappenStance Pamphlets

Five new pamphlet poetry collections are now available from HappenStance Press, all of which confirm its growing reputation as a small publisher of real quality. The books are:

Michael Munro – Poems for Alice: Michael Munro compiled the legendary ‘dictionary’ of Glasgow dialect, The Patter. But this is his first collection of poetry after 30 years of writing it.

Gregory Leadbetter – The Body in the Well: always comes at a surprising angle to the world. Some excellent writing too.

Marcia Menter - The Longing Machine: all the way from New York, the U.S. editor of cult literary magazine, The Dark Horse, shows she can write a bit herself.

Margaret Christie – The Oboist’s Bedside Book: ever wondered why the oboe seems to connect to just about everything else in life? This unusual, quirky collection makes weird sense of it all.

Ruth Pitter – Persephone in Hades: I haven’t seen this one yet myself, but it sounds fascinating. The author, who died in 1992, was the first woman to win the Queen’s Award for Poetry. This long poem records a “dark night of the soul” and “triumph of the spirit” and is described as “iconoclastic”. A forgotten classic? Not forgotten any more.

Check them out at the link…

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James Midgley said...

I received review copies of these yesterday (minus the last). Looking forward to reading them.