Sunday, November 30, 2008

X-Factor 2008: There Goes Ruth Lorenzo

I have little to say about the X-Factor last night, mainly because I missed the live show. I had an event I needed to be at. However, I was back in time for the results. My wife told me that Alexandra had been by far the best – yet again – and that JLS had performed better than usual. I guessed that Ruth Lorenzo was doomed and so it proved.

Ruth sang very well in her final song, Always, after being ejected, perhaps enough to make the judges wonder whether the public might have done them a favour and booted out the passengers, Eoghan or JLS, instead. She made the error of saying what they all say, “This is not the end for me. It’s just the beginning.” Hmmmm, I think it’s more probably the end, as it has been for so many.

Just to add, I saw the much-hyped Britney Spears appearance on the results show. She mimed her new single, which, incidentally, is crap. So how come Britney, the supposed 'expert', mimes, and the X-Factor wannabees have to sing her songs live?! Clearly, she is unable to pull it off, but isn't it disturbing that the crowd gave her a huge cheer anyway?

This year is surely a two-horse race between Alexandra and Diana. I hope for Alexandra because I find Diana positively annoying.


Frances said...

I can't think how JLS keep going. I don't think they have any discernible talent. Thanks for reminding me Rob, must go and record the results for Strictly!

Claire A said...

You really are a fan!!

I didn't see any of it this week but I was also annoyed to hear Ruth had gone. She, Alexandra and Diana (say what you like about her, but she's got the avant garde music press voting in XFactor, no small feat! And she's only 17. Give her a break!) are all far more talented than the remaining boys. But the Irish kid will win - all the old ladies will be voting for him!

Chris said...

Eoghan reminds me of the episode in Father Ted when the old biddies all idolise the tv singer. What are people thinking when they vote for him!

Anonymous said...

Blair said ...
I watched the repeat of Saturdays
X-Factor last night and thought
that Ruth Lorenzo was truly amazing. As I work oversea shis was the first time I had even seen her perform. What a great voice and
two fantastic performances on the show. I hope that Alexandra wins
as she too has a fantasic voice.
Lets hope the final is not a repeat of last year when Rhydian
Roberts was robbed due to some very bizarre voting. I must also agree with the comments on the remaining 3 contestants , but do think that the lead singer in JLS has a good voice, just lacks a bit of confidence.