Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year!

The last poem I read in the previous decade was Comus by John Milton. Wouldn't it be great to actually perform this Masque live? Let's say June this year - at the GRV. I have one reader booked, but the rest of the programme could be a performance of Comus! Anybody up for doing this - I'd need a group of people involved, who wouldn't necessarily have to be poets - just good readers. Not sure whether it's best done off by heart; probably an impossible task for most of us...

The first song I listened to in this decade, other than the boring stuff on the TV Hogmanay show, which has already (thankfully) slipped my memory, was Neil Diamond's 'Holly Holy'. Despite Diamond not being exactly hip these days, I love this song and several others he wrote. This morning, I found this performance of the song, from 1970. I prefer the studio version in a musical sense, but I wish people still danced like this in the 21st century:

Here's an excellent live version of the song from a year later, in 1971.

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