Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Voice of Geddy Lee

I was following an online conversation about book jacket photos when the subject of Rush singer Geddy Lee somehow came up. I was never a Rush fan. I lived through punk and you either liked Rush, Yes and Genesis or Buzzcocks, Clash and Wire - but no one at the time could admit to liking both sides of that 'or'. I am grateful to Rush neverthless. For one thing, my own band did a cover of 'Spirit of Radio', a parody of course (if truth be told, we weren't remotely good enough on our instruments to have played the real Rush version), which gave us no end of hysterical fun. For another, Rush inspired one of my all-time favourite lyrics, from Pavement's 'Stereo':

'What about the voice of Geddy Lee.
How did it get so high?
I wonder if he speaks like an ordinary guy.'
'I know him, and he does.'

I never saw the video at the time but I was glad to discover it this afternoon. Classic stuff.

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