Thursday, January 07, 2010

Neil Diamond Week - 4. Song Sung Blue

I’ll be honest, Altered Images’ version of Song Sung Blue hasn’t aged too well. It’s fun, mind you, and I did like it at the time. I met Clare Grogan once. For some reason she was signing albums in the foyer of an Aberdeen bank one lunchtime. I went along with my friend, Ritchie, expecting to queue for ages but maybe the publicity hadn’t been good, as we were almost the only people there. Clare was very chatty, good fun, despite being trapped with two adoring teenagers for an hour (thinking about it, we were only a couple of years younger than she was!). I suppose we passed the time for her and we were doing our level best to be as witty and interesting as possible. She even invited us to a Hogmanay party but ‘somehow’ forgot to give us the address.

So, OK, ND’s version is better, but I enjoyed hearing the Altered Images cover again after all those years.

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