Thursday, August 14, 2014

Six Poets at the Fruitmarket Gallery 2014

Friday 15 August, The Fruitmarket Gallery, 45 Market St, Edinburgh: you can hear six poets for the price of only £5, and it's a great line-up:

Simon Barraclough
Isobel Dixon
A.B. Jackson
Rob A. Mackenzie
Andrew Philip
Chrissy Williams

You can read a poem by each of the poets on Isobel Dixon's blog, Toktokkie.

For me, this is always one of the highlights during the Edinburgh Festival time and would be even if I wasn't reading in it. The Gallery is a great venue and the readers are always excellent. I'll be reading some new material and I'm sure that's true of everyone. We'll kick off fairly sharp at 8pm and all poets will read short sets in each half. Please come along if you can. It's unlikely you'll regret it.