Tuesday, November 08, 2005

For Anyone Living Near Edinburgh

My chapbook, The Clown of Natural Sorrow, will be launched in the Scottish Poetry Library in Edinburgh (at Crichton's Close, off the Canongate, opposite the Canongate Church) on Thursday 1st December 2005. There will be wine on offer from 6.30pm, and readings begin at 7pm.

Another chapbook, Winter Gifts, an anthology of new poems on a winter theme, will also be launched at this event. I've seen a draft copy of this and it looks really good.

The event is free and if anyone reading this actually comes along, please introduce yourself afterwards.


Heather O'Neill said...

Congrats on your chapbook!

Is there any way for those not out that way to get a hold of both chapbooks?

Rik said...

Have you pm'd Harry at pffa yet? If you let them know what the occasion is I'm sure they'll let you do a little announcement post - it's not as if it's just another acceptance from another poetry magazine.

Oh, yeah - congratulations and stuff. How much? Where from? etc

Rob Mackenzie said...

Heather, Rik - thanks for your interest.

The chapbook isn't yet available. It's at the printers. It will be available from 1st December priced £3 (£4 from outside UK - including postage), either for cheques in pounds sterling or through PayPal.

It will be out on HappenStance Press (see my link list). If you click on "Publications" there, you'll see what's currently available. My one and the winter anthology will be added to that list in December.

I might pm the moderators to see if they'll let me do an announcement post nearer the time of release. I'd understand if they didn't want that, mind you.