Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Uh Oh

My daughter seems to have found a new passtime - posting to poetry sites.

Her first act was to send a private message to a moderator of a poetry site (she would choose a moderator!) with "jhnb vhvhvvxzscdx" in the title-bar and "ò,x mm nj, àò u u k u jijki b tctvg ggbhbyyy jui9injj hmum8 omkjn g h y nhng mndfxcf xzcs vb" as the message. Luckily the moderator in question had a sense of humour.

Her second act was to post a "poem" to the Advanced C and C forum of Poetry Free-For-All. People have a sense of humour there too of course. It hasn't even been (yet) moved to a lower forum.

I was out working all day, but my wife told me that my daughter must have posted the poem during a ten-minute period when my wife was making her something to eat before nursery school.

What next? I dare say that tomorrow she will start working on the three crits she owes, so posters at Pffa had better watch out. Unless I find an effective way to stop her first. I'll work on it.


ren said...

Hehehehe, I saw the post and totally thought that G vgg v was supposed to be some sort of extremely intelligent/experimental symbolism! You're daughter is exceedingly cute. Also, congrats on the chapbook! Be sure to notify everyone at PFFA when it comes out.

Rob Mackenzie said...

Thanks ren. Maybe I should work on the G vgg v poem and post a revision on my daughter's behalf. I'm sure I could find some experimental rationale if I thought hard enough.

I'll post something here on this blog when the chapbook comes out. Only two weeks to go!