Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Avatar Review

I have a couple of poems in the new Avatar Review. In fact you can hear me read them if you prefer that to seeing the words on screen.

Strangely, the voice reading the poems doesn’t sound like me at all, although I know it is me.

The issue looks good, with review articles by Howard Miller, Paula Grenside and David Ayers, and some interesting poems. I haven’t had time yet to read it all in detail, but soon will.


Cailleach said...

Hi Rob,
Two good poems there - you really must be chuffed. Love that line about binoculars looking at other binoculars!

Howard Miller's review has sparked an interest in Marin Sorescu, I googled 'The Cowardly Coffin'and came up with the whole poem here:
What an amazing use of comic writing. Think I'll be buying some.

Eloise said...

Lovely poems, surreal to hear your voice though. You become so used to hearing internet people 'speak' in your own voice, that hearing them actually talk is rather jarring. Good accent though, big fan! (not just of the accent)

Larry said...

Same here - I was amused to hear your heavy Scottish accent, although I had your bio down. I read it a few night ago via Paula's link. Good to see you making these steps into the published world.


Rob Mackenzie said...

Thanks everyone.

I recorded the poems using a really cheap mic, which kept "popping" with every p,b, and ck. So I had to read it very carefully. I don't have a very strong accent, by Glasgow standards, but my accent is probably less heavy in the recording than in real life.

The article on Sorescu is really good. You can find more such articles on poets from around the world at the Jackdaw's Nest blog (see my list of links).

Cailleach - I'll add you to my links soon - maybe today if I can. I have a few new ones to put up.

Eloise - I could only grin when I learned that you've had me speaking in your voice for all this time!

Larry - I've tended to stick to UK print journals up until now, but I've discovered some good web-based publications recently, so I may branch out (depending on the editors' willingness to accept my poems of course).

Cailleach said...

Cheers Rob!

Will check out your Jackdaws nest link, many thanks for that, I love finding new poetry - there's just so much out there to choose from!

Hedgie said...

Thanks, both Rob and Cailleach, for your flattering comments on both the Sorescu article and "The Jackdaw's Nest." I'm running behind on the latter, but should have a new entry up by Sunday if not Saturday.

And congratulations on your poems in Avatar Review, Rob. Excellent work and a well-deserved pub credit.