Friday, May 05, 2006

Lion Taming and Poetry

I decided to wite a poem about lion-taming, for one reason or another, and did some research on the Internet. I found a site run by Steve Katz, who has written a book, based on his experience of interviewing lion tamers, showing how the principles of lion tamers also apply to working in a business environment.

Actually, they apply to many other situations too. I wrote the poem and sent Mr Katz a copy (as I’d cribbed bits from his website). He told me he’d enjoyed the poem and that his mother had edited a literary journal for several years. A couple of days ago, a free copy of his book arrived at my house. What a nice guy!

I’ve been revising the poem, and have re-visioned the relationship as one between a lion tamer beginning a new career as literary critic, and a poem (the lion).


I’ve adopted several new links – Anna Evans, Cailleach, Rachel Bunting, the Poetry SuperHighway, Todd Swift, Mario Petrucci – all good sites.


sanskriti said...

the poem is originally sickkk!!!!!!!

Rob said...

Don't worry. It's taken a few anti-biotics since.