Thursday, May 11, 2006

Olive Dehn

HappenStance Press are about to release a new chapbook, Out of My Mind, and it looks fascinating. It’s by Olive Dehn who, in 1933, was staying in Germany when her satirical poem Goebelchen was intercepted on its way to Punch magazine in London. It was regarded as so dangerously subversive that its 19-year-old author was deported under armed guard.

I’ve heard that she has a really interesting life-story, which (with any luck) might bring media publicity to HappenStance.

She has written children’s books, but even though she has written poetry throughout her life, this is her first poetry collection, and she is now 91 years old! Just goes to show it's never too late.


apprentice said...

The sample one is astonishingly good.

Such power, and to use the image of feet like that is so moving.
I was in the Jewish cemetary in Prague in February and footprints leading off in the snow had the same effect on me.

Rob Mackenzie said...

Yes, I agree. That sample poem is really moving, and beautifully written.

I've heard she is going to be on the radio soon - Women's Hour, or some such programme (Radio 4?). I'll try and find out more.