Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Where Do Poems Come From?

Sometimes the answer is best left unknown. An enquiry into a poem’s origin means an enquiry into your own psyche, into your heart even, and you might not find what you expect.

My poems often make me wonder about myself, but I try not to wonder too much. Other people’s poems don’t make me wonder about them as people, although a good one gives me a sense of wonder of a different kind.

I had posted a draft poem below, but have decided to remove it. After a revision or two, it might come good enough to do something with. However, if any of you missed it and want to see the draft, by all means email me (at the address in my profile) and I'll send it to you.


ufukhati said...

Firstly, I like your blog because you are a poet. Poetry is my choice, and you give what I'm searching for.
I write a few poems in English.
It's great in "finding" you.
Happy writing!

Rob Mackenzie said...

Thanks for reading, and happy writing to you too. I really liked your poem "Space" from your blog entry of April 17th. Thanks for that one in particular.

ufukhati said...

Aha, this is really fantanstic. I love to "digest" your essays or criticism on poetry or on other literary genres.
I'll visit again.
Thank You.