Thursday, July 20, 2006

Poem (deleted)

deleted poem


C. E. Chaffin said...

I was put off by Of the night, though I know you intended it, but I think the natural "in" better. Otherwise the extended trope of the hand was very effective. There is, by the way, a horror movie from the fifties called "The Hand." It's hilarious; a hand creeps around and strangles folks.

ufukhati said...

You are talking about the "night" and the "darkness" and I am listening to the sound of the "rainfall".(At my place now, rain is falling!}
On the other "hand" : In darkness I used to walk by my mind not by my feet.
Thank you Rob for a very nice poem.

Larry said...

I stepped out from between two vans - otherwise you seem to be squashed between the two vans.

Rob Mackenzie said...

Thanks folks. I wan't sure of the "of" at the beginning. And thanks, Larry, for pointing out the error.