Thursday, July 06, 2006

Two Poems

I have two poems in the new July edition of nthposition. It’s an excellent Internet magazine, full of interesting articles on a bewildering variety of subjects, and usually the poetry section is very good too.


C. E. Chaffin said...

"Thought" was very lyrical and managed the extended metaphor of the feather through some nice changes. Enjoyed.

Midge said...

Nice poems. Nice website too, at that.

Eloise said...

Hey Rob,
well done, and I just opened up my copy of Poetry News to find your Elephant poem so congratulations for that as well.

Next step--world domination.


Sorlil said...

congrats I really liked the sonics in Thought and impressed you managed to deal with an abstract subject so well.

Aisha said...

I remember the jerry-built bookcase poem from NaPo-- and so cool that the elephant poem (as I have alwauys known it, though Rough also brings it to mind-- love that part) foound its flock (herd?)


Larry said...

Good going, Rob. Taming the abstract, that's quite a feat.

Rob Mackenzie said...

Thanks a lot, folks.

My rejection slip tally proves to me that world domination is a very long way off, Eloise!

Hedgie said...

I just discovered that I hadn't added my congratulations (thought I did already). You're on a roll, doing very well, and deserve your success because you've earned it through hard work.

ufukhati said...

You own the words.
And those words have the souls.
Now I heard the colours.

Terima kasih (Thanks).

Cailleach said...

Hey Rob -well done on nth.position!

The momentum is great when it finally gets going!

Rob Mackenzie said...

Thanks folks. It might seem as if there is a momentum, but there's not really. And I've no idea how to create one or even if one is desirable. I'll sometimes get three submissions to poetry magazines accepted in a row, and then get the next eight rejected. It's always been like that with me.