Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Gail Sheridan Speaks Out

Here’s an update on my post on the Tommy Sheridan trial.

Gail Sheridan, in the odd position of being questioned in court by her own husband over his alleged sexual affairs, was resolute, humorous, and uncompromising. She is the final witness, so there’s not long to go.

“If it was true, you’d be in the [River] Clyde with a piece of concrete tied around you and I’d be in court for your murder. You believe that right now.”

Will that be enough to save Tommy?


Sorlil said...

ha you can take the girl out of Glasgow...
I feel quite sorry for her, she's a lovely woman.

Eloise said...

My favourite was:

"You would appreciate this is an unusual situation," he said to her. "We know each other by first name, but for the purposes of the court, I am going to refer to you as Mrs Sheridan."

She seems like a good woman, but the only thing she has said which suggests the allegations are false, is that Tommy Sheridan is tee-total and it has been claimed that he was drinking with his mistresses etc., that does seem to be an inconsistency that reeks of insufficent research rather than of hypocrisy on his part.


Rob Mackenzie said...

She did very well in court and it must have been difficult for her.

Sheridan's father-in-law gave testimony that they were out together at a restaurant eating prawn omelettes and chips at the same time Tommy was supposed to be cavorting with a prostitute. That's a solid alibi, although it would have been a lot more solid if they had been able to produce a receipt, or the waiter or someone else who had seen them there and could remember exactly when.

I'm glad I'm not having to judge this case.