Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Prostitutes into Sado in Edinburgh

Yes, someone arrived at this blog yesterday after googling "prostitutes into sado in Edinburgh." If you've enjoyed what you've seen here and have returned to read more, you will have realised that this is mainly a poetry blog. I hope you like poetry, but if you hate it, I hope reading here will give you the masochistic high you were seeking. Remember, Surroundings is always here to help, and I can direct you to poems that might be more suitable for your purposes if my poems don't have the requisite effect. Check out my links, for example.

I have decided to include this entry on prostitutes into sado in Edinburgh just for you.

But not really.


Larry said...

Hahaha, poor guy.

Cailleach said...

Very funny Rob!

Aditi said...

Someone found my blog with the search words "uncle fucked me at family reunion". Not what I call ideal.