Thursday, August 03, 2006

Summing Up at the Sheridan Trial

Michael Jones QC has summed up his case for the News of the World in the Tommy Sheridan trial.

It doesn’t make good reading for Sheridan, although his own summing up to the jury was as passionate as we’ve come to expect from him. But I wonder if he is now feeling a tinge of regret at sacking his lawyers earlier in the trial. It’s all very well to conduct your own questioning of witnesses, but when you’re up against a top QC, you might want a top experienced lawyer on your side as well when it comes to knowing how to work on a jury.

I’ve no idea which way the jury are going to go on this case. It seems to me completely in the balance. One thing is for sure – when the case ends, it won’t be the end. The evidence has been so conflicting that the losing side will find themselves in court again, this time facing perjury charges and possible jail terms.

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